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Well, here goes my review.


Comments: Very unhappy with the commission. It was a full costume.

The costume, you could tell, was made at the very last possible minute. The vest was WAY too small. The pants were too big and the crotch awkwardly high. The cravat was shoddy, the decoration on it was also shoddy. (Wire and electrical tape. Classy.) The shirt didn't fit me properly. The grommets on my belts were not hammered in. I was told that I could do them myself. The belts themselves were held together by safety pins. The boot covers were horrid. Shoddy, little bits held on by hot glue. I had to keep them in place by using tape. C: Not good times. Also, bad communication in general and about pieces of the costume that were supposed to be made but weren't.

Also note, I commissioned this costume about.... Four to five months in advance of the convention.

Pros: The gloves were nice.

Cons: Everything else.

Final Grade: F-
Costume Plans:

Pokemon Mascot Costume (A Surprise)
Bilbo Baggins
Wizard King Cartman

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