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1) Pfaff 2170
2) I purchased this in 2008 december, but it was purchased used from a dealer

3) I've overlocked sleeve cuffs when I was in first grade, and all my sewing experience comes from that simple over lock work I did for my mom. But truly sewing, about 10 years, cosplay only. and made one coat that I gave to a friend, and I like complicated things like Trinity Blood designs.

4) what do you like most about the machine? just look here: and I love EVERYTHING about this machine. My most favorite aspect, is the embroidery feature, where I get to hook my laptop up to the machine and transfer embroidery files to the machine, and the computer touch screen on the sewing machine and the stylus, as well as me being able to walk away from an embroidery project, without worry and only come back to change thread colors, or change the bobbin, which has an automatic low bobbin thread detection, and you can go back on the stitch numbers so the embroidery wont have gaps.

5) This machine is expensive, and high maintenance. Not for beginners, I purchased this used for $3000, new it originally has a 7000 price tag, and its not even the best machine this company has anymore, which is the Creative vision, with a 10,000 price tag. I have yet to unlock its full potential because I lack the digitizing software ($2499 original retail price) that will really make this machine do what its suppose to do, digitize your designs and embrioder them. (SOMEDAY!!!!! I can turn JPEGS into designs)

6) I would recommend this to a more experienced and serious sewer. I dont really NEED all the bells and whistles, but it is nice to have it. I'm going to up my sewing projects now that I have this. Gotta justify buying this machine.
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