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Name of Merchant: Zephyr
Website: *Japan and international ( shopping handles zephyr wigs as well)
Items ordered: Non heat-resistant Shaggy Straight in light gold, 10 sets of point extensions in light gold for a Flandre Scarlet cosplay
Links to picture(s) of your items recieved: coming

Timeline (how long your order took to process): The order was placed through otamap and took about one week to process even with some restocking issues. Shipping was within Japan.

Pros: The color is lovely. It's perfect for Flandre and, as a bit of a bonus, it's also going to be a great Kagamine backup. The 3,000 yen pricetag is the cheapest of the useable brands available in Japan and it's nice to have a wide range of wigs available for one flat price reguardless of length. The cut/style is also nice and less volume on the bangs makes for easier styling without obscuring vision. The wig is well-rooted.

The point extensions are extremely reasonable! 105 yen a piece. And while it takes a good amount of them to do much of anything, it still ends up cheaper than buying wefted extensions or bunces half of the time.

Cons: The wig is a good deal sparser than all of my other, more expensive wigs. In this case, the top will go under a hat, so it's no big deal ~ but there is some wig-cap exposure on the top on close inspection... worse, it's right in the front near where the bangs are rooted. The wig has also been frizzed out at the roots more than other brands, presumably to hide that there's less hair in it. I wouldn't recommend Zephyr wigs for heavy styling or spiking -- there just isn't enough to them.

Some colors are deceptively named ~> example. between "light gold" and "yellow gold"... light gold is the darker and yellower of the two ^^;;;

For some reason, my blonde wig was packaged with a black wig cap ^^; C'mon guys, at least send the right color!

Final Comments: Zephyr is extremely reasonable and the colors really are gorgeous, but buyer beware. You get what you pay for. Zephyr is great for wigs that will be worn under hats, used for layered wigs, starter wigs, budget wigs and for a wide variety of wig parts in rarer colors. It's certainly a step up from ebay, but if you're just looking for a reasonable wig to go with you to hell and back -- get a Prichara.

Final Grade: B+
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