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Name of Merchant: Cocosilver
Website: *Japan only (they sell costumes overseas via ebay)
Items ordered: Kagamine Len ~ Juvenile t-shirt and jacket
Links to picture(s) of your items recieved: here

Timeline (how long your order took to process): The costume was ordered on a Saturday and arrived on the following Thursday. (It was in-stock, not special ordered).

Describe your Experience: I had been looking to commission the jacket from Juvenile for awhile but all of the quotes I received were from commissioners who didn't quite seem up to the task. Ideally, I wanted something that could double as actual clothing ~ so I didn't want anything too costumey or stuffy. I've had one mediocre experience with Cocosilver in the past which turned me off more than a bit, but on seeing they had added a Juvenile set to their page, reconsidered.

The costume was in stock, meaning there'd be no danger of the 2.5 month wait on the last costume I ordered and the photos provided made it look both well-made and functional. And hey, it comes with the screen-printed t-shirt! BONUS!

I placed my order, paid via furikomi and had the package delivered to me within the week by a very friendly deliveryman who must think I am the biggest dork in the universe ^^;;

Pros: It's COMFY! The fabric chosen is lightweight and amazingly soft. It photographs well, looks heavier than it is and really is just FABULOUS to the touch. I'm still wearing the T-shirt... good freaking luck getting me out of it. I will wear this t-shirt until there are ginormous holes worn into every seam! The fit is equally awesome. I guess I'm lucky to be ~exactly~ a Cocosilver large <3

The details are great, the coloring is pretty good too. It's well-made. It looks awesome on.

The price 12,900 yen plus shipping for a t-shirt and a hoodie is alright... not awesome ~ but considering how much better cocosilver's work is than most other Chinese factory costumers -- the price is fair.

Cons: The t-shirt is a bit greener than it looks in the photos on cocosilver's site.

The hood does not zip and unzip into a sailor collar shape like the jacket in the official references. (I knew this before ordering)

But the biggest dissappointment is that the jacket has a lot of fake-outs and shortcuts which keep it from functioning as much more than a costume. The pockets are convincing but are dummies... there are no real pockets. The buttons are also fake ~ meaning the jacket can't be closed or even partially closed. This also means the way it hangs open partially obscures the "L" on the jacket front from most angles.

Final Comments: It fits great and it looks like a million bucks on. I recieved it promptly and it's well-made. I love the costume and will wear it more than I probably should (though not as much as I would if the jacket were more jacket-y *sulk*). Cocosilver and I can be friends again... albeit cautious ones.

But I do love this t-shirt! *hugs*

Final Grade: A
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