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SQUEEEEE~ I love the American Girl dolls! o3o
Molly was my first one; she was my favorite out of all the dolls. I got her when I was 10, so that's...getting close to 7 years ago now 8D
My grandmary *feels like Samantha <.<* gave my parents one of the catalouges becauses I might be interested in the dolls. It took about 4 or 5 years to convince my parents to buy me one, and I was so flipping excited when I finally got one. Molly came with me EVERYWHERE. I could not put her down.

I'm really sad Samantha was discontinued, because I liked her. Mostly her outfits, but yeah. I have her nightgown, and it STILL fits o__O; A bit awkward in the bust area, but you know, little girls don't have large boobs. I wear it all the time during the winter. I have Nellie, but her default outfit got messed up. I LOVE her Christmas dress and I really want to make it.

I've always wanted to cosplay Kirsten and Molly. I almost did Molly's Halloween costume for Halloween once, but my dad wouldn't let me..If I didn't already have something planned, I'd so make one of Kirsten's dresses.

I'm so glad I'm not alone in wanting to cosplay one of the AG characters <3
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