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I've been a WWII German historical re-enactor for 11 years and am a founding member of a group in Florida that has participated in productions for PBS and The History Channel. Hell, we even have a Kubelwagen and several motorcycles. But I've never once worn any of my WWII uniforms to an Anime or Video game related event with the exception of Comiket and Wonder Festival in Japan, but that has to do with the very generic nature of those two events and the strong presence of a WWII dedicated group of Japanese re-enactors doing multi-national impressions.

Anime and Video Game cons are for anime, video games, and related sub-cultures. Not my historically correct 3.SS Panzer-Grenadier Division Feldgendarerie impression. Which is honestly my favorite costume as I've invested years of study into it. But I save that for public history shows, museum events, and veteran's appreciation events. People go to those events specifically to see us in our WWII costumes, but at an Anime con you run the chance of catching people completely off guard. They didn't go to Artist's Alley to run into a 1944 Russian Front German field policeman.

You just have to be aware of what each con's focus is. I wear WWII costumes in order to educate those who want to learn about the horrors our grandparents endured and honor the veterans of all sides of war. Not to unnecessarily offend people. We have to remember, WWII is still in living memory. But Hetalia? A-OK. I mean, seriously. It's Hetalia lol

PS: sorry supergeekgirl, my knowledge is pretty much limited to the German side of things, but I do know that with some exception, most US and Soviet uniforms weren't made of wool. Winter coats sure, and some US units wore wool pants, but most items were of a different material. The standard Soviet combat uniform is actually this really really thin material, no idea what it's made of though.
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