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*Raises hand* I have stories!

One day, I went to my friend's house and tried on my friend's brand spanking new Hatsune Miku wig! Turns out, we didn't have the trim we needed to finish a costume, so we drove to the local fabric store to get some. I decided to wear the wig there because it was such a pain to put on that once I was wearing it, I didn't want to take it off (normally I wouldn't wear a wig out). So anyway, we got to the cash register, and the clerk there stared at me and was like "I'm so glad I got you at my register! I love your hair! It must have taken so much dye to get it that color!" I was like "uh.... thanks but this isn't my real hair..." She looked so disheartened to hear that.

Second story! My friend, the owner of the infamous Miku wig, and I went to a convention as Miku and Rin. I naturally have light blonde hair, so I usually reframe from wearing a wig for Rin. This dumb girl came up to us and asked, "Is that really your hair?" and tugged on Miku's pigtail. Then she asked me the same question and yanked on my hair!!! I was so surprised and then angry....
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