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Apparently everyone thinks my Chrome Dokuro wig is my real hair. It's a nice wig, with black fibers mixed in with the purple, so it looks more natural.
I went to the mail with some friends, and while they were doing something, a woman started talking to me; asking how I got my hair that color and style (zig-zag part down the middle and little pineapple tuft in the back). I just kind of played along and told her my mom was a hair stylist and did it for me. I think I freaked her out a bit when she saw me again with the wig off, because my hair is naturally dark brown and extremly curly.

I had a little reverse incident too. My friend cut my thigh length hair extremly short and had styled it to look like Marluxia's from Kingdom Hearts. I bleached and dyed it a few days later. It was during break, so no one from school had seen me, and when I went to class, everyone was like, "Holy crap, is that a wig?" It didn't exactly turn out the way it was supposed to; instead of being just cotton candy pink, it was a mix of pink, orange, and brown. Couple that with the fact that almost a foot of hair was cut off, and you can imagine the shock. For about a week everyone kept asking me if it was a wig. Some girl acutally grabbed my hair and yanked HARD on it, calling me a liar for saying it was my real hair. That damned dye job also earned me the nickname "Chocolate Fruit Smoothie" in my math class -___-;;;
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