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1) What Machine do you own? Include the maker and model number please! I own a Singer 30-Stitch Electronic Sewing Machine, 7422

2) when did you purchase it/how old is it? July 2008, so it is two years old now. I had to buy my own machine when I moved out of my parents' house and no longer had access to my mom's equipment. I paid about $200 for it (and unfortunately got what I paid for).

3) How much sewing experience do you have? (how long sewing, how advanced your projects are) I've known how to sew since I was little, but didn't really get into it until a few years ago. I'd say I'm intermediate-advanced with my projects.

4) what do you like most about the machine? Lots of cool decorative stitches, easy to thread.

5) what do you not like? Where should I start? The stitch length and widths are hard to control. When I first started using it and needed to do a basting stitch, the stitch would still be small, even though I had the stitch length all the way up. Then about six months later it finally started doing long stitch lengths. The bobbin jams a lot and it likes to eat lightweight and stretchy fabrics. It doesn't handle thickness very well. Maybe I'm just used to better working machines, because my mom has professional equipment at her house (she makes home decor for a living) and I grew up using that. There is seriously a huge difference between working on my Singer and her Janome. I hope to get a new machine early next year, but I will keep my Singer for the decorative stitching.

6) Would you recommend your machine to a fellow cosplayer? No, not really. Maybe for a beginner, but I find it very frustrating to work with.
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