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My Aqua turned into a disaster. I spent a majority of my day today crying or trying not to cry because everything just went to Hell. Some stitch SOMEWHERE on my leotard broke, making it hang wrong. the cups weren't sewn onto my corset (and as a quick fix I tried gluing them to the leotard, which works, somewhat, but the glue wasn't drying at all and I spent almost forty-five minutes in the bathroom just standing there holding my breasts. Then I find out when I finally can let go that the dye was not done on the cups and my hands were black. THEN my arm armor comes completely apart because I didn't have time to use a GOOD glue to hold it together and it was too cold inside for the glue to dry right.

I didn't have my crossed straps at ALL.

I ended up just getting dressed and walking around. Thank goodness I ran into someone I knew or else I would have lost it.

The rest of the day there wasn't much better, but isn't that how it usually is? Things go from bad to worse, right?

In the end I walked away with a Luxury Ball button and a feeling of disappointment in myself for not even sucking it up and trying for the masquerade ball, thinking I didn't have the things I needed to freshen up but I DID. I had them the whole time!

Going to try and make this work. I do NOT want to miss the photoshoot tomorrow. Other than falling to pieces it looks REALLY good and I'm not going to let my hard work go to waste. But for now, I nap, I'm exhausted and hate myself right now but maybe I'll feel better after some sleep.
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