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Originally Posted by AkatsukiSky View Post
@DevTehFiend: Aw noes D: That sucks pretty much . Costume falling apart happened to me too... If you want a great glue, I would suggest Super Glue. Glues every thing in 5 second. Do not use hot glue at all, that's why my costume fell off. Must be careful with the Super Glue though (can stick your fingers together). I hope you can fix it for tomorrow. I am sure it will be awesome :3
Thanks. ^^ That helps actually. And no, I was using fabric glue (only thing I had at the time.)

Edit: I'm feeling much better. Was able to get my costume in good enough shape for the photoshoot, though the paint job on my armor is beat up from all the messing with it. (That's okay though, looks more like she was in an epic battle than that it's a craptastic paint job! XD)

I just need to learn not to let disappointment get to me so much. I put too much pressure on myself and am a huge control freak and that really messes with me and keeps me from thinking rationally about things. But I'm better not and should be good to go at the shoot tomorrow!
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