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Ahh'. The very second time I had EVER cosplayed... Lmfao...
I was hanging with my friend Hannah who was also hanging out with a girl cosplaying as Orochimaru... She was cosplaying as Haku. So, anyways... It was the same orochimaru I saw at my very FIRST convention.
From the first time, to the second, I believed it was her real, own long black hair. And then way later on, time goes by, it's about an hour before the con ended, and suddenly she was all " Ohh man, it's hott in here. "
And she took it off. My jaw dropped, and I flipped out " That's not your real hair!?! "
" ... No. - Stare. ; "
" O______O ... Whoa... How'd you do that? "
And then Hannah was all " Can I try on your wig? ;D "
And yea... .__.; Bah'. Ridiculous. Rofl.
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