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Name of Commissioner: cosplaycommish/Cosplay Mandy
Character Commissioned/Series: Seras Victoria--Hellsing OVA
Items Commissioned: Uniform shirt (with belt), skirt, gloves (basically the entire costume).
Links to pictures of items recieved: (will post soon)

Timeline: I ordered the costume in mid-April and arrived in late July. I originally had the deadline for June 30, 2010, but because of money issues, was moved to mid-July.

Describe your experience:
After having a not-so-great experience with a previous commissioner, I tried my best to research good commissioners here on I came across cosplaycommish's page and I was honestly pretty impressed with her gallery, so I commissioned her to make one of my dream costumes, Sera's Victoria's yellow uniform from the Hellsing OVA. I had total faith in this commissioner...for the first few weeks. The months passed by and when I finally received the costume, I was just totally disappointed and more bummed that I spent so much for something I definitely don't think was worth it.

Pros: When I did sporadically e-mail her for progress, she responded rather quickly. The costume's material was quite nice and had the uniform look I wanted. In addition, I was happy with the fact that Mandy let me make partial payments because after all, I'm a broke college student ^^;

Cons: I feel kind of bad spouting so many bad aspects, but I honestly was just so incredibly displeased with this costume. I'm sorry folks, but it has to be said :/

First of all (and I'm sure many can agree with this), I think at least a steady stream of communication is something that is wanted in a commissioner. I didn't really get any updates from Mandy, only recieved them when I became incredibly nervous and decided to e-mail her myself. Most of the time, she would simply say to please allow her more time. So of course, I became a bit more antsy as to what the costume was turning out like. Heading towards the end of May, I asked for any sort of progress info and she wrote something along of the lines of 'i'm not really worried about the deadline yet lol'
.... 0_0'

Secondly, the costume itself was just...not what I was expecting. The skirt fit perfectly, but was long, and I was swimming in the shirt...the bust and stomach area was huge! I don't think my measurements were THAT far off ^^; Also, the fingers on the gloves were oddly shaped like spatulas...

Third...and this is one of the biggest peeves I have; On the sleeve and chest's patch, it reads "Hellsing" (which in my mind makes perfect sense since that's the name of the organization and anime). I got a patch that said "HLURO". HLURO. When I saw the photo of the costume, I pointed it out to Mandy, and she said that it would be fixed. Okay, no problem, I thought...simple mistake, right? Later on, she said she would have to charge me extra to fix it, which honestly made me angry. Why would she charge me more for something that was her mistake? After all, if she was unsure about what the patch said, she could've simply asked me what it said rather than guessing blindly. >:[

Final Grade: D- !!

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