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Originally Posted by malinaevelyn View Post
(Oh, crap. This is Kirstinleigh logged onto Malina's account.)
I was like, "OOOOH AN AQUA!" And ran up and as we were walking away I go, "Wait a second.....uh, isn't she the one from Cosplay?" It was nifty. xD

Me and Malina (Sora) missed the photoshoot, though. ;_; We got pictures with the Parle crew and then one of our Axel friends was like "Alright, we're doing the photoshoot!" So I ran to the bathroom to fix my binding (because Ven doesn't have boobs) and we lost track of everyone. D:
Apparently they changed the location? I have no idea. Did you guys go?
No, I had no idea. I knew that the panel time wasn't what everyone thought it was here, so I was just like, "Well, I didn't see anything about time changes mentioned in the forum, so I'll just head over at the time they said." But, I guess not.

When are you going to have the pics up? ^^ I got my friend to get a couple of me before I changed out of the costume, but she was so anxious to get out of the heat (and complaining about it the whole time -_- and it's not like THAT never get's old) that she failed to mention that several pieces of my costume were out of place, so the pictures ended up craptastic. I kinda want to beat her with my now in pieces armor, but it's not really her JOB to get the perfect picture (but she could have been considerate enough to say, "Hey, your elastic is showing.") *sigh* Oh well, I'll be working to make a better Aqua on and off during my next project and maybe I'll get her done in time to wear her next year as well.
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