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Originally Posted by Jisu View Post
I dunno. Meet outfits are all well and good, but if someone wants to cosplay Felicity in her Limited Edition Town Fair Outfit, who's to stop them?
Meh. I'm planning on doing her riding dress for Costume-Con 30. I'd love to have her "Meet Felicity" outfit too, but the riding outfit is prettier. If I'm going to have a specific costume, I want it to be my favorite costume, know what I mean?

Oh, and I totally forgot how I dressed as Josefina once when I was much younger. That was one of the first outfits I made on my sewing machine. I always wanted her Christmas outfit with the mantilla veil (I made one for my Samantha doll). I was actually thisclose to doing a mantilla veil for my wedding dress simply because Josefina's made me so happy as a child.
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