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Name of Merchant: Prichara
Website: *Japan only (TOKYU HANDS department stores and Animate chain stores also carry Prichara wigs)
Items ordered: 2 Military Medis in milky gold
Links to picture(s) of your items recieved: coming

Timeline (how long your order took to process): The order was placed through otamap and took about one week to process even with some restocking issues. Shipping was within Japan.

Pros: Otamap offers a very good 10% discount on all prichara wigs, making them even more reasonable than usual. The military medi usually costs 4,935 yen but we got ours for about 4,100 each. We'd been looking for some slightly darker Kagamine wigs for our Love is War costumes and had seen the lighter version of this wig in-person at our local Animate. From the look of the picture, we'd never have thought they would work, but taking one in-hand changed our mind. The medi looks scraggly, but the layers can be fairly easily tamed with some heat styling and a bit of product.

The color is quite deep and has a very nice look outdoors. As always, Prichara's wigs are well-rooted, well-cut, nicely styled and look better on heads than they do in packages.

Cons: The color makes me very nervous. Especially indoors under flourescent lights, it seems to be much darker than the image on the website. I understand where the coloring discrepancy comes into play since I can see the difference myself when I walk the wigs out to my balcony and back. The color is hard to pin down. But I'm afraid it may also be too dark... I'll have them sun-bleaching on the balcony for the next three weeks, in any case.

The random cut leaves the wig a bit short on top and with a lot of flyaways in the event you want to make complicated styles. I'm going to have a bit of trouble coaxing it into a ponytail for Len. Highly recommend a more consistantly cut style for updos and multi-length styling.

Final Comments: The medi will work wonderfully for any character with messy, tousled shoulder-length hair and would also make a great base for a mid-length random spikey style. The milky gold color would be just perfect for Dino from KHR and the cut lends itself well to characters like Konoe from Lamento. Had I seen one before buying my Zephyr, I may also have chosen one shade lighter for Flandre. It remains to see whether it will work for the Kagamines ~ but I suppose if it doesn't, the misstep is my own, not Prichara's.

Final Grade: A
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