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Originally Posted by Animangafreak View Post
I just moved to Yatap, Bundang. Like 2 months ago and I moved to Korea 3 months ago. Lots of peeps are on vacation here or something, but I'll be here for a while (a couple of years at least). I'm going to the Seoul Comic World again in 2 months. I'll be cosplaying an American Con-goer. XD

I'm goign to Dongdaemun market day after tomorrow (friday). My first time. I'm hoping to explore and find out some fabric and things for cosplays. You could come to, if you want.

Are you Korean or a foreigner? I am the latter.

That's cool. I'll be here until Oni-Con in October.

Your cosplay sounds fun. ㅋㅋㅋ

I'd love to go to Comic Con and cosplay ><
I haven't been to a con here yet.
I'm thinking about cosplaying Erika from Durarara at Comic Con.

I'm a forienger, very young English teacher (often mistaken for a student ) ㄱㄱ
Anyway nice to meet you.
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