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Most english teachers are at least 25 on account of having to have their BA degrees. I haven't gotten mine yet. I'm 21. So technically I managed to move to korea 4 years earlier than usual. I say this because I wanna know how super young you be.

You should come to the next con! If you cosplay I hear you wait in a totally different line so you can go get dressed and all that. I think it's much shorter. I don't think cosplaying an American Con-goer counts as a cosplay... *sniffle* -_- So I'll have to wait in the huge lines again. Though, perhaps I will arrive earlier just so I can be way up front.
Hoping to cosplay
An American Con-goer 70 %
Hiccup (How to Train your Dragon) 2 %
Edward Elric 0 %

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