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Name of Merchant: HEAL-ALL
Website: *Japan and international (through rakuten)
Items ordered: a promotional random-packed fukubukuro (Lucky Bag) for 8,500 yen after shipping fees. I recieved the following items ~ Sweet Pool uniform shirt , Cendrillion KAITO costume , Howl's jacket and shirt , a Dragonball patch, a J-drama patch (discontinued), a pale purple and silver mix wig (discontinued) , a pair of false lashes, a prop strawberry, 6 pairs of panties (g-strings), and a HEAL ALL makeup case.
Links to picture(s) of your items recieved: coming

Timeline (how long your order took to process): The lucky bag was ordered on a Monday afternoon and arrived the following Wednesday afternoon.

Describe your Experience: Some Japanese cosplayers told me about HEAL-ALLs periodical lucky bags and told me they were currently on-sale. Normally lucky bags are a New Years only thing, so I was a little surprised! The deals are usually to unload extra stock in a more attractive way, but HEAL ALL was offering so ~much~ in their lucky bags that it was too good to pass up.

1 lucky bag was advertised to contain 3 costume items (your choice of size and character-gender), 1 wig and 2~5 extra support items (panties or patches). The order system, through rakuten is extremely easy and takes a matter of minutes if you already have an account. I chose collect-on-delivery, so there was no banking to navigate. I just paid the deliveryman two days later.

On unwrapping the package I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had included, not 2~5 support items but at least 10 O-o Granted, I didn't need any of them, but free stuff is always nice. Costumes were well-packaged and arrived clean, labelled, in the right sizes and for-the-most part unwrinkled.

Pros: HEAL-ALL is pretty transparent. It's obvious that the images provided are of the costumes they actually sell. Their models are credited by cos-name and represent a refreshing variety of sizes and shapes. The prices a bit high for the quality, but they often hold promotions and sales to make their prices more attractive. As long as shiny fabrics and gaudy trims are avoided, most of their costumes actually look like they might even have cost more than they did.

A surprisingly wide range of different fabrics and construction methods are used in making the costumes and not everything is matte polyester and satin. Embroidery is embroidered, not painted on and no materials are recycled. Everything is clean, bright and in colors that are fairly accurate. Fasteners are well attatched and completely serviceable. Even white fabric is thick enough so as not to be transparent. Ironically, HEAL ALL's costumes are much more durable in their look than costumes I've paid 3 times as much for from commissioners. The cuts of all of the costumes I recieved are also incredibly flattering. I was tempted to keep the KAITO costume just because of how tiny it makes my waist look ^^;;;

The Howl shirt and jacket are actually quite well-made, sharp-looking and spot-on accuracy-wise (aside from a descrepancy in the lining color). I'll definately wear it and I think I've gotten my money's worth out of it alone.

Cons: Essentially HEAL-ALL is a bagged-costume vendor. ie. they sell the Japanese cosplay version of bagged Halloween costumes. Materials are the cheapest of their type available, manufacturing is done in China in bulk and the costumes are often missing more minute details. While construction is solid, it is also impersonal and many designs have been simplified to simplify the resulting manufacturing process. Some perfectly great costumes (like the Cendrillion KAITO) are marred by ghastly trims or questionable fabric choices (their satin costumes are unsightly... but luckily, few and far between).

Their cheaper wigs are unuseable for serious cosplayers. Stay far, far away. I haven't seen the more expensive options, but I'd be just as wary of them. H.A. is not a good place to get a wig. While the price is right for a beginner or a Halloween costume and the wig caps themselves are solidly made, the fibers are thin, fragile and sparsely woven. The wig cap shows even in distance shots.

The Sweet Pool shirt is very well-made and the color is lovely but, unfortunately, the uniform insignia has been cheaply/quickly rendered and white threads show through the embroidery. It's still a cool shirt ~ but I'd be pretty pissed if I'd paid the advertised 5,800 yen for it.

Final Comments: H.A. is a great go-to for particularly good sales and flattering budget costumes for parties. It may also be an option for pieces with a simple cut and matte finish at the last minute or to compliment others' costumes without paying through the nose. I'd stay away from their embroidery and wigs, though.

Final Grade: C
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