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Suzie: haha, I thought I was the only one who thought that! My friends kept calling out "AOOIFEEE" like Wall-E after the movie. XD
(I'm also surprised that you knew that's kinda how it's said; not like "ay-oh-fee"
It's "ee(long)-fa" X3
You've made me a happy lil' dork.

Maybe it's just my monitor, but Adella's color and mine (in person, came out REALLY bright on my camera) are almost the same. O_O <--relieved
I see Belle's using a suuper baby blue for their Belle's; that's just not the color I wanted. >w<
I might end up getting two of them. I like my Belle wig, but I have a feeling some people find it too light. -sniff-
I just don't know how those wigs are for up-dos.
Maybe I'll take down my Rose wig and the other wig I bought from them to see <3
The bangs on their wigs are always SUPER long, which is good to work with. ^w^
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