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Talking JDScosplay Review

Name: JDScosplay [Photobucket Gallery: ]

His Ad in the marketplace!

Nicholas Huang

Items Commissioned: Lara Croft "Classic" costume [top,shorts,belt,gloves & backpack]

Pictures: References- e.jpg

-I later sent him a full folder of the best references ^ mainly all full size of the pictures there-

1st Progress Pictures- ion.jpg

2nd Progress Pictures-


Timeline: March 11th 2010 [I asked Nic quotes on different costumes]
March 13th 2010 [We start commission discussion + planned payments]
March 18th 2010 [Photos & measurements are sent]
May 6th 2010 [First progress pictures of the costume from Nic]
May 8th-13th 2010 [ Nic and I agree on different materials and payments]
July 9th 2010 [Progress pictures on costume with new material]
July 11th 2010 [Final Pictures are provided]
July 11th-16th 2010 [Shipping information and shipment is made]
July 29th-30th 2010 [Costume received and tried on]

Deadline: April 15th-May 1st 2010 *At the quickest* However I never needed it right away so dates were flexible!

Cost: Initial quote: $200.00 [According to pictures provided]
Final Payment: $215.00 [We came to an agreement in change of materials and Nic was amazing enough to provide me an offer that would keep the cost at a minimum even when we agreed on redoing the costume ]

Pros: Is quick to respond with estimates on your commission
Responds to your emails in a timely manner
Works out a deal that works best for both you the customer and him (the commissioner)
Will provide color swatches (through pictures by email) for fabrics upon request
Affordable prices
Beautiful construction of your costume
The fitting of your costume will be true to the measurements you provide

Cons: Communication could use a little improvement ,

I will add however that YOU as the person who commissions from a commissioner should be able to tell your commissioner what you would like from them and make sure all of your questions are answered !
I did not send fabric swatch pictures and color choices to Nic out of belief that the pictures I provided (a full folder 10+) would speak for itself on what type of goal I was going for,and we stumbled upon a disagreement on fabric choices when progress pictures were provided,which sadly ended in a redo of most of the costume.

*I had asked for latex looking material through our initial emails but after making the first payment I did not ask Nic what kind of fabric and colors he would use for my costume*

= And a little bit of organizing! Upon the last payment discussion Nic requested I go back through our emails and get back to him the payments we agreed on so I could finalize the payment (we had a long history of emails,about 5 months worth),which left me both somewhat confused but also felt like he trusted me to get back with him on money not too much of a con itself but just something I found worth mentioning.

The costume:

It fits me rather decently ! By far the gloves and the shorts are my favorite part of the costume! [since they look amazingly accurate]
The Tank Top is lined on the inside to keep the material from being uncomfortable! [definitely a bonus!]
The costume is form fitting as requested!
The Backpack is a little bigger than the original size but the color is beautiful and it had a zipper on the inside to close it
The costume came folded INSIDE the backpack *it was definitely a treat to see that *
The Belt and top only need the smallest adjustments [top needs adjustment towards the neck area at the back and at the waist area]
[The belt needs a small adjustment @ the holsters and the waist drops to keep it melded against my waist]

Even though I had given Nic a deadline towards May I was never in a hurry to have my costume finished since the photoshoot schedule was always tentative and I was not attending a con.

In the beginning I was slightly scared since I had never commissioned a costume but towards the end the progress proved to be worth the wait and the payments I had made.

I was at times too excited and asked about various quotes before our contract and during,all of which Nic responded to without a hitch and he was always friendly about it!

When I opened up the package I was filled with joy! The colors were rich and beautiful and all of the details were accounted for! from the cut and style from the top and shorts to the way the gloves were a little bit bigger on my hands...just like the models in the pictures!


Nic is a great commissioner! I give him a B+ because he has room for improvement on communication [Mainly the way his emails are presented,what questions are made and how he organizes information from his customers ]

Everything else is great! Reference pictures,Timely responses,Costume construction and Prices make him more than suitable for a commissioner that you can count on for your cosplay needs ^__^

I would definitely do business again with Nic without hesitation!

I learned a lot from requesting my first commission and how Nic approached my requests make the investment worth the time,money and communication that is put into a commission!
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