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Name of Merchant: Youfukuyasan
Website: *Japan only
Items ordered: Hatsune Miku, Love is War
Links to picture(s) of your items recieved: coming

Timeline (how long your order took to process): 2 weeks

I placed the order for this costume on behalf of a friend. We needed a costume quickly and cheaply and for the price, Youfukuyasan seemed to be the best quality available and the closest to home. Youfukuyasan's proprietor, Matsumoto-san contacted me immediately via cellphone to let me know the costume would take about a week to make and confirm that the time limit was okay. I was surprised how quickly he could finish the work and sent the money via bank transfer. With all of the fees included the costume cost about 8,500 yen. I think that's pretty damnned resonable. Unfortunately, youfukuya-san only offers two premade sizes ~ Medium and XL. We needed a small and didn't have time to worry about custom measurements... So thinking we could pin the costume in ~ I asked for the medium.

There was a small blip in communication and I had to email Matsumoto-san once more on his cellphone to let him know I had sent payment a few days earlier. He apologized and followed up immediately. I recieved the costume within a few days of this last e-mail.

Pros: Matsumoto-san is extremely courteous and never once treated me any differently for my non-Japanese name or small mistakes in Japanese grammar. He was very approachable, kind and it was very kind of him to let me know how long it would take even before I finalized the order.

The costume I recieved is very lightweight and is actually higher quality than I expected from the price and the original item image. The garment I recieved is a bit different than the one on the site... but the one I recieved actually fixes the few troubles I had with the original costume (the armband, for instance looks 1,000 times better on the finished piece).

Cons: It is GIGANTIC.

This costume was meant for a size S friend. I'm a size L. A Japanese medium usually won't shimmy on over my thighs. But this medium hangs on me like a small tent. The collar on the shirt is stiff and bulky, making my head look suspended on a blocky pedestal of cloth. The entire shirt seems constructed for a decent-sized man ~ not a woman of any size.

The skirt must be doubled over on the waistband just to keep it from falling off my hips.

The button holes on the false pockets are different sizes.

The armband is sewn onto the shirt sleeves and there are a few nicks from a razor or something else sharp in the enamel used to make the symbol.

The necktie is too thick and there are no darker blue triangles on the gunbelt (accuracy issues I was aware of before ordering).

Final Comments: I'm happy with what we recieved though extremely worried it will fall off of our friend the moment she tries to put it on. Pinning it onto her will be the work of ten thousand safetypins!

If you order from youfukuyasan, I STRONGLY recommend doing the custom sizing. Otherwise, you will be swimming in the costume you receive ^^;;

Final Grade: B
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