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Risu: I didn't spot you!
When you let everyone know where you are, I'll try to spot you again. :]

Suzie: that's who I am wearing!
I'm making Rose soley for wearing to Ren. faire. ^_^
Though I'm planning on an Aurora dress in the future, so maybe Ren. Faire 2012 I'll wear her.
And good luck! I know you can do it m'dear!
AX List
Princess Peach(Lunatia)
Ariel's Pink Dress/ town dress(Lunatia)
Rapunzel (Lunatia)
Snow White(Lunatia)
Jasmine(Miku Star)
Esmeralda (Miku Star)
Princess Daisy(Miku Star)
Secret Costume (Miku Star)
Halloween Town Sora(Rika Riona)
Peter Pan (Rika Riona)
Songstress Rikku (Rika Riona)

Wendy Darling(Aerithia)
Alice (Aerithia)

Coming up:
Comic Con
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