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Name of Product: Geo (Angel Series) ((Blue))

Where Purchased: (Site is currently down)

Product Description:Introducing Geo Angel Blue – a perfect shade of baby blue to make your eyes truly stand out. Geo Angel Blue is fantastic on those with fairer skin for a pale, undeniably angelic look, and darker skin for a more smoldering effect. Bear in mind that if your eyes are already pretty dark, this will not make your eyes pure blue – BUT it will lighten them up so that they look more interesting and mesmerizing. For those whose eyes are light enough to be all blued-up, this is a great look for you, too.

Pros: Low price, lasts for 6 mos. after using for first time, no prescription needed.

Cons: Dry up very quickly and you're constantly applying eyedrops or solution.

Overall Rating: 6
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