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Suzie: STOKED! Thank you very much! I hate myself so much right now cuz as I was unpacking I found the right color yarn for it XD FAIL! Oh well I can use it for other things. I just recovered 2 scarves, 2 hats, and 2 pair of bear ears I made last year XD It's so much fun to do when you have the time! <3 awesome possum.

ODP: Well the funny thing was they wanted things from the food booths that were most popular so Will and I basically ran behind the scenes to their managers and sat there for 5 minutes under the hot sun waiting for the food XD But that part of the show is the shortest ever! I was hoping there would be more of me in their deleted scenes on the box season, but alas nope :P

Miyu: My best guess for you is to find one at one of those salvation army sorta places or find really really good coupons to use for a new sewing machine. I am pretty bummed I can't fix my old costumes or update them since I lack the hand sewing skills and have no machine :P
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