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I just finished the ruffle panel for Giselle's wedding's only about 1/4 of the circumference of the dress and it gave me SOOOO much trouble! I can't imagine wanting to ever fill in the rest of the skirt @___@

I finished her sleeves as well....very poofy! =D I made them UBER big so I wouldn't have to totally remake them in case they were too small. I ended up having to take them in a notch. Yeah, I made them REALLY big XD

Her skirt overlay is also now all I have left to do is the glitter designs on her bodice, overlay and sleeves, make her bow, sew the loops into the back of the bodice to make it a corseted back, add a hook-and-eye over the zipper on the skirt and more securely attach the ruffle skirt to the bottom skirt. I should have that all done by the deadline on Tuesday.....even if my weekend is totally booked. Yeah I'll be a busy bee tomorrow, Friday and Monday. Well, at least the wig is styled! =)
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