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LKD: The only sneak peeks are what I've posted on my Facebook. I am already settled in front of my computer and actually about to head to bed for the evening so no pictures tonight, but I'll snap a cell-phone pic tomorrow before I take it off the dress form to sew in the corseting, promise!

Also, I noticed we mentioned Ren-Faires earlier! I plan to make Briar Rose and Belle's peasant dress for our local faire, among other costumes. Others I want to do for the faire include a Fable: The Lost Chapters character and the Wicked Witch of the West, Elphaba =) Everything I do has to have a short skirt, though. It's all dirt there so things get ruined. I wore Snow there one day last year and I wore an extra/spare skirt my sewing teacher had given was icky by the end of the day >_< I'm still washing dirt out of my petticoat -_-'
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