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Can we post Airily and Zephyr wigs on here too? I'd love to see them in action! ^.^

Anyway, I have a crap-ton of Cosworx (should we start saying Coscom shopping? 0.o) wigs so it's about time I put some more up here...

Roni in 613A

Dyed with Sharpies to be a natural orange. I don't remember the Sharpie mix I ended up using, sorry.

Melissa in H24/613

This was for my friend's Lithuania cosplay, which she never finished. It's a very cute style! And I love the color. It isn't really "in action," but I thought I would put it up anyway since it's an unusual color and style.
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I've gone through several wigs for my Ephraim costume trying to find the perfect color, all but one of them were from Cosworx...

#1: A wig from eBay. Move along, nothing to see here.

#2: Wisp in Seafoam Green

#3: Angela 750 in 613A

Straightened, cut, dyed, and styled. The dye was made using Turquiose and Aqua sharpies to be a greenish turqiouse color. DO NOT use Aqua sharpies to dye wigs! This wig used to be alot greener, but the Aqua sharpies kept bleeding and bleeding. This wig and #4 stained the collar of my costume green. GREEN. Even though they look blue. Sigh.

#4: Wisp in White

The one on the left, it was dyed with the same evil Turquiose and Aqua sharpie dye, and styled lightly. (My old Wisp in Seafoam Green is being worn by the cosplayer on the right, I sold it to my friend who was cosplaying the same character because she was looking for a greener color than I was.)

#5: Angela 750 in Light Blue

Straightened, cut and styled. At this point I'd sworn off dyeing, fortunately I love this color! However don't try to cut an Angela 750 down to a boy's wig unless you REALLY know what you're doing, it's an uphill battle.
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