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Lens Specific: Barbie Lens brand

I'm in Thailand right now and I've been hunting for lenses for cosplay since I don't have any. I did buy some Barbielens brand lenses. Website here:

I've been searching the internet checking for KFDA approval and whatnot. There have been /hints/ of it and some of the lenses have specific GEO labels on the site so I'd think this place is legit, but I was wondering if anyone knew, for sure, that this brand of lenses are safe before I start sticking them in my eye for cosplays.

I don't intend to use these lenses for more than 8 hours at a time (conventions and photoshoots, you know) and they're not for everyday wear either. I'd probably use them once every two months or so (an estimate).

For looks sake, I tried them on for a few minutes and I had no real problems other than the initial eye sting and tearing up. They fit nicely, or so I think, since they followed my eye when I looked around and they didn't hurt.

But again, before I commit to these, I want to know if they're trustworthy or if I should get rid of them immediately.
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