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@HarpyLink: Yeah, they might look less out of place with arm guards there. Hey, you could make a really oversized shackle and paint it like a rainbow! 8D

@snowkirby: About one year and over 9,000 sketches (okay... maybe 50) later, I STILL can't settle on a design for MK. SOMEday, I'll make up my darn mind about what elements to use and make the costume, but until then... >.> Also I'm trying to move away from all these stoic types I keep doing and go for more cute, fun characters, but MK is totally grandfathered in XDDD

"I can't picture you as Peach" this made me seriously LOL there. I can't really picture myself as Peach either lol. I think once I style the wig I'll have a better idea, and I found some tacky earrings on eBay that might work out of the box XD. I like using Peach in SSE, her floaty powers come in handy! ^^ And she's so cute! La la la la~ *taunt* xD
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