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Originally Posted by Chibbs View Post
Hi guys! I just went to AFO. pretty much my 2nd time every going to a con. i have pictures posted up on my facebook.

and Pictures of day 1

If anybody took pictures of me, i was the cid walking around with the Gummy ship! So sad i had to settle with party hair spray... i still can't get it out. haha. next time i'll probably bleach it.
Yay!! You had pictures of me!! I haven't found very many. I was Fire Nation Katara =)

Here are my own pictures from AFO on Saturday:

My boyfriend tried to get photos from each skit at the Cabaret. I think he got all of them except for the Naruto one because he was too busy singing along and laughing lol. Feel free to tag yourselves and add me! I'd love to meet more cosplayers! ^_^
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