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Name of Commissioner: hunny_lee
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: Starlock Simon from Gurren Lagann
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: 12_n.jpg
Timeline: I asked her for it about a month in advance from when i needed it
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.

I bought the coat for my boyfriend, since he always wanted to cosplay Starlock Simon. So i'm leaving this review in place of him :3

She was super nice to me, and very polite. I asked her for just Simon's coat, since i had made the rest of the costume already. I also needed it by the end of the month (ordering it at the very beginning of the month) for Anime Expo. She raised the price a bit for the rush order, as well as for the shipping (overnighting it or something). It ended up being the same price as if i had regular ordered the entire costume... which i didn't mind the price. After all, i WAS having her rush order it. She kept trying to make me do it outside of eBay... which i wouldn't do, since i didn't want any chances of her scamming me (if it came terribly, i'd have no eBay to protect me). She raised the price AGAIN... but whatever. Haha.

It actually arrived on time, even a week earlier than i needed! Everything on it is beautiful. The flames aren't accurate, but the way she did them makes them look even cooler than they're supposed to. They're silk-screened on, too, which looks really nice. The materials is really nice.. the jacket is just really great!

1. Did she really need to raise the price so high? The entire outfit was like, $140 total or something. I offered $80 for just the coat (thinking i was being generous). It ended up $130 for everything... was that really necessary? I mean, i was being NICE by saying such a high price... and she raised it even higher. If i weren't so desperate to get it on time, i'd probably not have done it. Though its still such a nice coat for a good price... a higher price than it should be, but still good.
2. Within five seconds of opening the bag, all the buttons fell off the coat. They were all just hot glued on. Terribly. Not really a problem, since i just glued them all back on. Though one of them came off during Anime Expo O_< Lost it forever.
3. Some of the seam areas look a little... weird. I only noticed this like, TONIGHT. Months after getting the coat. But like, where she'd sew the inside lining together... its kinda sloppy. Though i didn't even notice before, and its really hard to tell anyways. But it does look a little sloppy there.
4. The coat collar is too short for the character... hard to tell something like that on a mannequin. Wish i'd known somehow so i could have requested it be taller ><
5. The material used is a little... bright. His coat is supposed to be navy blue, but she used a slightly dark blue. It was that way in the pictures, though, so i can't complain. And his armband wasn't in the pictures or final product either, so we had to buy a random chunk of red fabric and put it on him.

Well, despite all the mistakes along the way... i did get a nice coat in two weeks for less than $150. Its a beautiful coat, despite all the minor flaws. So i really can't complain. But she loses points due to the buttons falling off and the crappy sewing skills at some parts.

So i'll give her an A-.
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