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@Poody: lol yess XD! I demand Birdo to be cosplayed by more males! Because he technically is male, but don't tell him that =O.

@Harpy: Oh God XDD. Marth would be like "by all means o.o;;" poor Marth and his fabulousness. He has a girlfriend in Fire Emblem, for serious lol!

As of Rave Ike, hmmm....I don't think he'd be one for raves, but after being bribed by chcken, he would have a dark blue tunic with the white pants and black boots, and his gloves would be black but it'd be covered with tons of glowstick bracelets and/or LEDs of sorts XD. And his bandana would light up lmao! Prepare yourself!!

I dunno, something like that. Lol his cape should have LEDs on them XDD!

Anyway, I had mentioned at the Fire Emblem thread that I may not have Marth done in time for my convention in October. I'm spotlighting another cosplay for a big group on Saturday, so it's become first priority to get that one done first. If I come across any Marth progress before the con I'll post it here too, but otherwise I'll be around to give advice or suggestions, etc .
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