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Beni- Ooo I've seen that book! >>; I see a Disney Princess book and I must open it and see XD

Speaking of stopping by to see Disney products, Target has gotten a few more toys :3 Lots of Rapunzel and My First Disney Princess stuff

I went to Bed Bath and Beyond, (Amazing place for Dinglehoppers btw) and I found this awesome queen sized duvet cover X3 (It's a bit darker and greener o.<)
I bought it (It was marked down from who knows what to $74 and then to $18) so I'm going to remake the Fin part of my Ariel tail with it 83 I'm glad that it has a plain back side for the back of them flaps XP

Also~ I saw the Lion King Musical in Vegas and zokgjndrhgk I loved it <3 I forgot how much I loved Scar's songs and I was like -fangasm- whenever he came out to sing. At first I was going to make Zazu's costume (I love it so much) but I'm going to make the Scar costume I've been wanting to make :3 I'm hoping to have it done by January -goes off to design it-

Also I might go to the Fashion District soon this week so I'm going to try and find the fabric you ladies want for Meg x3 If I do find some (not expensive) how much would each of you ladies need? I'll resell it to you ladies and ship it for free cause I love ya ladies <3
Also it's a maybe because I need Tink and Belle done for this weekend and I only have 2 days free for it so I dunno if I'll need that extra day o.<
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