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oh modern man.
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lol, Beni, I cannabalized my Belle dress into a tote bag, I kind of miss it because it was the first costume I wore to a convention, but I figured I got more use out of the fabric since I didn't foresee myself wearing it anymore. Boy, do I regret that now.

Had some photos taken of Meg today at a beach, I think it ended up being kind of fail though, it was so windy that despite hella hairspraying my wig every afternoon, it got shredded (Time to retire that thing then). The wind also caused my bangs to cover my eyes so I couldn't do many poses while trying to hold them back, so really I'm not expecting a lot.
Blaaaah, I'm letting my friend borrow the costume next month and I'm hoping to style her natural hair in the huge bang Meg normally has -- goodness knows she has enough hair, hah.
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