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Smile Cosplay in China??

Hello everyone!

I'm Chinese but my Chinese is bad (I can only read pin yin) so I'll better write this in English.
I moved to Austria when I was 10 years old and last year was the first time going back. When I was in a shopping center in Beijing I was actually shocked when I saw a Miku cosplayer because I never thought something like that would happen. Later I realized that on that day there was a kind of Cosplay competition there! Those cosplayers were amazing and I never thought that Cosplay would be so famous in China!

Unfortunately I can't find much information about Cosplay in China in the internet so I decided to ask you how Cosplay is in China. Are there many cosplayer and conventions? And are the specific forums for Cosplay and Manga like or
And I would really like to get to know some Chinese Cosplayers since I'm Chinese too. (^^)
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