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I used to use my mom's old machine when I went off to college; she used to make costumes for the local theatre and didn't need it anymore, but she got me one for my birthday just this past July 8D I'll review both of them, I suppose.

1) Singer 5808C
2) I have no clue how old this thing is. My mother's had it for at least ten or more years.
3) I've been sewing since roughly summer of 2009. I got some tips from my mother and learned how to make a shirt and put on bias tape for Pence; then I made Eald'narche pretty much all by myself, details and all. I still consider myself a beginner but I might be in the intermediate category by now XD
4) PROS: Plenty of stitching options, very easy to thread, generally cooperative. If you need to switch threads it's very easy to do, a HUGE relief for the bobbin since all you have to do is slide a door open to get to where you place it.
5) CONS: It took a while for me to get the hang of it, but that's probably because I was new at sewing. There's no light on it either, which is a killer if you're working in a poorly-lit room like mine. It's also somewhat heavy.
6) RECOMMENDED? Absolutely. It's old, but it's also a great machine and gets the job done wonderfully while also being easy to use :3

1) Brother LX-3125
2) My mother bought it for me on my birthday, July 2010
3) See above. :3
4) PROS: It's lightweight, has a light on it so I can see (my bedroom isn't very well lit so that's a HUGE plus for me), and it's easy to get the hang of.
5) CONS: The bobbin took me a while to figure out how to install properly, and it can be moody sometimes. Every so often the thread will get caught in the inside of the machine so I have to unscrew it and get it out.
6) RECOMMENDED? Yes; it's not too shabby at all.

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