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Originally Posted by greenclouds View Post
I use my mom's old Brother from the late 80s. Very smooth and quiet; works wonderfully. I've recently acquired a Kenmore serger and still trying to figure out how to use it ^_^

I also often use my friend's Singer since we always go to her place to do the finer details. She got it 3-4 years ago, and it needs constant maintenance unlike my mom's old Brother. Her Singer is louder and the threads tangle easily. Maybe I need to play with the tension a bit more...
Honestly, don't bother. New sewing machines are so much work. The machines at my school were always breaking, and LOUD LOUD LOUD. I remember my teacher would scream "LOUD SEWING MACHINE NOISE" and it was her code for whomever had the loud machine to stop what they were doing, and rethread the machine. My machine from 6 years ago lasted a year - I never bothered repairing it. It is in a closet somewhere.

I would like a serger.. but to save myself the havoc of learning how to use it I just zig zag stitch all of my seam allowances
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