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Originally Posted by Benihime78 View Post

I love how we're all comparing the size of our cosplay lists. Although I think Jess has us beat. She has a file on her computer with like 100-odd-something cosplay plans in it.[/color]
.....Shut it. LOL, The old list was actually at 120ish before I lost the file....the current newer list is around....105-ish but that hasn't been updated in months. Few have fallen off, many more go on. Also, I was at the World of Disney store at DTD, and they had this cute PJ dress for little girls with all the princesses in their PJs. IT WAS SOOOO CUTE. I wish I had taken a picture because I loved the dresses on the outfit, and I think most of us would have too.

Also, seconding the Aaron comment.

Aaron - let me know how those work out for you. I want to know what you made the out of and such.
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