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Soo I'm back from an amazing trip x3

I love my Jasmine swim suit but the strapless thing doesn't work with my bewbies so I'm going to make it into a halter and sew a golden piece to the top to simulate her necklace x3
At the beach I had 2 lil girls attach themselves to me. It was cute, they were having competition on making bigger sand Jellyfish for me x3 I ended up babysitting them somehow ^^;
Unfortuantly I didn't get any pics of the swim suit except for a few in a pool :/ I didn't get any in my purple dress either cause I didn't care about my wig when I went into the pool so the tail kinda died XD

I did get photos of Briar Rose :3 The wig was so bouncy omg, the curls are like slinkys!

My favorite shots of the day were these amazing ones with a sunset behind me when I was in my pink dress (which I was pinned into XD) I also got some of me running while teims X3

Long post lolz x3 I must catch up on the thread now :3
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