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I'm just going to jump in here really quick.
I will admit, I'm pretty ashamed of what some of the cosplayers did, despite that they most likely, had absolutely no malicious intent. It's true, they should have thought, but it's too late now.
To nightwishkat, your issue seems to be with the series as a whole, and if anyone wishes to go into the hetalia fandom, they have to understand that the series is a parody. Like a political farce, someone's feelings might get hurt. Oh well, life's like that, you know? orz

Torosony, some people do take the whole flag this super-seriously. It's something I don't do, but maybe everyone should be a tad but more careful.
((also, this is probably a bad place for it, but I love your sealand. XD))

all in all, it's not just the hetalia fandom, everyone needs to have common sense when they're cosplaying, because things like this are part of why people look down on us. <3
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