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Originally Posted by SirenaBlack View Post
I'd like to do a villain too, but I can't think of one I would want to do...

The first time I went it rained a lot, which kept it reasonably cool. I had an amazing time and even came back the next year, same time (it's a cheap time of the year to go). It was hellishly hot for a SoCal girl, but I kept hydrated and we tried to plan our meals for the hottest time of the day so we could be inside. They have the parks (except for the animal kingdom, which is understandible) planned really well so that there are a lot of indoor locations.
Epcot was my favorite. I think I ate at the Japanese chicken and rice place three times. One of the best times I had was watching the sun set while eating a cherry snocone. I saw a group of people wearing anime shirts walk by, lol. At one point I saw an Axel and Roxas cosplayer (Axel wasn't wearing the full OrgXIII jacket, just all black hip looking clothes) doing a photoshoot. I couldn't finish my food in time to say Hello, though. So yeah, I had a wonderful time both times and can't wait to go back

@Sirena: Oh wow sounds like you had a cool time. I love Epcot too, since it has the best food. ^__^ Man I wish I could see people cosplaying at the parks, but I don't go to Disney that often.

@Kasinator: Like the new picture! ^__^
Cosplay Plans: Erza Scarlet (Lightning Armor), Princess Tiana (Blue Gown), Syo (STARISH), Yoko Kurama

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