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Originally Posted by SirenaBlack View Post
Well, I would think that the point of having it on a day that isn't Halloween is if enough people do it you will see the "true" cosplayers, not just the random people dressing up for Halloween with no idea what cosplay is, let alone that it is a cosplay holiday.

Also, I wouldn't say that pre-packaged costumes can't be cosplay. I've seen some awesome pre-packaged cosplays at large.
wow, thats nothing short of redefining cosplay in that one combo, the kinda thing that craps on my fandom and its custom. You have not seen non-themed characters at specific themed cons? What are you dressing up and honoring now? if it falls under every catagory, whats the fandom here? "just everything"? just to fit in with facebook? before purist is used, remember, catagories. No one calls the wallstreet journal a comic book, Larp video game, you can if you DESIRE, but in all practicality, a prepackaged costume is a hollow way to include yourself on an activity liek this, and facebook preaches involvement, no one cares about fandom or "tru" cosplayers.
kick my ass if I offended you, but going easy on people isn't easy sometimes XD
and I agree with you on like everything else you say.
Originally Posted by animexluverxnhu View Post
@kojirojames2004: Lol! True, true. But it's nice to show people that we're not afraid to cosplay on days like Friday. :]
cause no cons are held on friday.....i'd be surprised if no con was going on this particular one. Halloween changes days every year, it's good to see that.
the idea seems very empty, to involve social networking on the whole deal which people do anyway everyday. What will be the difference between what you do an any other day? uploading pics and inclusiveness.
and facebook linking here with these events just seems....pointless. Unless you hate why not just post here to begin with?
I'm not against it? but the whole thing sounds soggy
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