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Originally Posted by Psycho Sukafu View Post
@Tabby Catty- Dragon has a good idea. Separate 'shoes' from the top half of the boots does work. You can then attach regular shoes inside them to keep them centered on your feet. Plus if they're hollow they make great places to hide stuff in. Only problem I had walking around in that set up was the top half had a habit of twisting and I was constantly reaching down and fixing them. You really have to change how you walk! Blinking knobs on the side kept hitting each other. Might be able to put in a pivot to hold them in place but I'm not sure what would work.
Separate shoes? Um... what do you mean by that? How would you go about making them? I'm a master at cardboard and paper mache. That is what my Splash Woman helmet is made out of and also the blade to the trident.
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