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Commissioners Who Don't Respond?

Well, this is something thats starting to annoy me... and i was wondering if its normal, or people just don't like me on this site :\

So i decide i'd like to commission something, and i send a few emails out. Lets say, i ask about three or four commissioners for a price quote, as i plan on picking whoever seems most qualified with the best price.

I wait. And wait. And wait. Eventually, maybe one or two of them will respond.

Soooo what happened to the other people?

Sometimes, i'll get a response that says they're full and not accepting more commissions. Sometimes i'll get a response that says they don't think they can make it. But the vast majority of the time, i don't even get a response.

Is this normal? I thought it was just courtesy to say "Sorry, i can't" or something. Otherwise, i keep checking my email for nothing, waiting for a response that will never come. Its so stupid. I even had one guy say he could make the item, agree to it, then he said he'd give me a quote when he checked the price of materials. Then he never replied again. Its like... if its too expensive, at least TELL ME that! Don't just drop off the face of the earth...
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