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Originally Posted by dizzylizzy View Post
I know from experience I've had a good number of emails go to my "spam" folder even though they are not spam.

Some commissioners also get A LOT of emails and honestly don't have time to respond to every one of them. From my own experience, there have been times where I would spend 3-5 hours JUST doing email (send quotes, regrets, updates...) and it's on top of a full time job, commission sewing, my own sewing, family/life, and school. Every day was at least 1 hour of emails and then the 3-5 would be on, let's say, a Sunday night.

It's really hard to keep up on. Once you fall behind, it's a constant catch-up that never ends. It's just one person, doing everything, from work to customer service. Sometimes, you just gotta let some slide and unfortunately not respond.
I understand that... but it only takes two seconds to send a message that says "I'm full on commissions. Sorry." Even if its short and unprofessional, thats better than being left waiting.
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