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Originally Posted by Psycho Sukafu View Post
I was crazy and used sheets of soft foam, cut into shape and covered in stretch fabric. The shin section just sort of sat on top of the other. Hence the issue of the boots twisting when I walked. There may not be as much of a problem if it is hard armour, ie paper mache but I'm only guessing. I stink at doing paper mache.
Ahhhh... I see, well, I am pretty experienced with paper mache and I know exactly the amount of stuff I need to use for the goop.

I was just wondering in case I needed a more sturdier material for boots close to the ground. Then again, I saw people cosplay as giant mechas that had paper mache boots without problems.

I guess what I'm asking for is a boot pattern for those "Megaman character boots" that such characters from Megaman are known for. I will likely do Starmen since Jewelman's requires too much geometry, though it is doable, you just need to be good at nets in order to make his helmet.

I think Jewelman would be fun since I can act like a fruitcake (though then again, I AM a girl)

By the way, how does my Splash Woman helmet look? I should have pictures up on my profile...
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