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Ok so I'm attending brisbane's supernova convention in 2011, and I've chosen to cosplay a krieg lieutenant.

as a result I've started getting materials together to build and create the pieces I need fir this but I need a hand with some things.

first off this is what I have:

plastic replica of a German m42 ww2issue helmet
isreali civilian issue gas mask (surprisingly comfortable)
black general purpose boots (GP boots ftw)*
about 30ft of one inch wide canvas strips for the leg wrappings
four inch diameter PVC pipe*

what I need is an accurate pic of the standard krieg issue las rifle that's not of the miniatures if possible of just the rifle itself if possible.*

and a reasonable place to find great coat patterns as I'm going to make my own as the krieg coat is longer. I plan to use a stiffer but thinner fabric than wool not only for the look but also because April is summer in Australia and heat stroke sucks lol

for the gas mask I plan to sheath it in leather or something similar to give it the length I need and to allow me to add the fitting I need without ruining the mask if I need to get rid of it at a later date as such I need about a foot and a half of the rubber hosing in a khaki or similar colour but as to date the only place I hound online that sells that length is some bdsm website and their shiner latex so failing finding the right hose any advice for painting the kinky hose to fit in?*
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