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Originally Posted by Shirayuki View Post
Hey all~ I've been kind of a cosplay deserter (I tried to retire, didn't do much when you're living in Japan <_<) So yea, I'm definitely going to Tokyo Game Show (most likely as Yowane Haku from Vocaloid), and Comiket this year, but I don't know what to cosplay for that yet since it'll be freezing cold so I'm still considering... Any series/groups already decided for Comiket?
Re Game Show:

Trying to decide between Kagamine Rin and Len (costumes we had meant to retire and replace) or Lamento (which will be HOT) for the leftover day. If other VOCALOIDs are going, Rin and Len will probably win out.

Re Comiket:

shortshiek and I are doing VOCALOID2 (Juvenile) for one day and are talking about "砂漠のbluebird", "di[e]ce" and/or "Are You Alice" for the others. Not sure how well those things will lend themselves to groups... but it's early enough to change plans if someone else plans something that sounds fun/interesting.
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