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Originally Posted by kristihasukie View Post

I have a friend who has this problem. also but he has been gaining muscle weight by working out for an hour then drinking a Drink Called Muscle Milk. Staying Away from Soy because it raises your Estrogen Levels. and it has been working so far.
EATTING peanut butter and lots of eggs =D for the protein
Muscle milk is just over priced protein shake imo. Just drinking whole milk with a scoop of whey protein powder will do you much better at half the cost.

Also soy isn't terribly bad unless you overdose on it, which unless your entire diet revolves around pure soy products like tofu and natto. In most cases eating soy protein can actually LOWER your estrogen levels.

Since phyto-estrogen which is plant based estrogen closely resembles and mimics human estrogen in many ways, if present in the human body it tricks the body into believing there is more estrogen in the body than there really is. so the reaction is to actually lower it's own estrogen production. Phyto-estrogen also doesn't have the catabolic effect (muscle and weight loss) tendencies that regular human estrogen has.

So it's probably best not to avoid soy protein, and also it's good to mention that Soy protein powder uses Alcohol in the process to create the powder, and alcohol also kills 99% of the phyto-estrogen content. Although this wasn't an industry standard in the past, and yes funny things happened 20 years ago including bodybuilders with nice supple round full....pecs... but then those were only for people who were taking 300+ grams of soy protein a day, when a normal person won't ever even hit 20g through a conventional diet in the modern day world that's not specialized to do so.

Anyways back to the OP just gotta eat. My friend was 6'3 120pounds, now he's at 190 pounds of lean muscle probably aroudn 7% body fat.

Easiest way to gain a little size is working out and eating a lot. My friend's eating in excess of 10,000 - 15,000 calories a day. He's also taking supplements called black hole and engorge which are appitite INCREASERS. Which have digestive enzymes to help you process your food quickly and more efficently.

Although I wouldn't recommend eating half as much as he is, cause he needs to eat a minimum of around 6,000 calories a day just to maintain his body. usually it's recommended for people to take 4,000+ calories when they start working out to build size. if gaining weight is hard for you.
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